Misalignments and connections: Managing design in a platform world

5 pieces of goodness I’ve been given…

I am not what you call a typical design manager.  I am a human centred collaborative problem solver with a purpose – sitting patiently at a turning point in Australian business design – well it feels like it anyway. 

It is amazing to see how far we’ve come – big corporate design teams operating in most businesses, government, consultancies – all have design.  We have seen design services start to be delivered as platform services through a range of players. 

In this exciting if tough environment - I’m going to share 5 pieces of goodness that underpin my views of how design will need to be delivered.

I will share some stories about how my team and I are navigating through the business world and where it’s having impact.  I’ll take you through some of the key milestones, reframing and learnings including why I really don’t need an innovation lab… 

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