Creatively-led business to end-to-end strategic design agency

In this presentation, Rod Farmer and Nathan Welch will share their journey in transforming a large organisation from a creatively-led business into an end-to-end strategic design agency, led by human-centred design practices. Embedding human-centred and design-led methodologies within an organisation isn’t just about creating a highly engaged and prominent Experience capability. It is critical to identify the various internal and client engagement models at play, establish a common narrative, and continuously nurture emerging behaviours in a manner that leads to wide spread adoption across departments. Our evolution as an agency (both locally and globally), emerging industry design practices, and our changing role with our clients reflects a 3-year transformation that has touched every aspect of the business. In this presentation, we will share various case studies and internal journeys which we believe agency and internal team managers will appreciate.

Presentation audio