Presentation proposals

We’re currently collecting ideas for presentations for Managing Design 2017.

What we’ll be looking for

We’re looking for practical presentations about a wide range of topics, and from different types of organisations. We’ll be looking for case studies, techniques, strategies, and more. 

We know that our audience loves good case studies – those that show your challenges, how you overcame them, and the outcomes (there do need to be challenges – a success-only case study is relatively dull and not very believable). Even better is when you’ve attempted something more than once in different contexts and learned from the experience.

The audience also loves things they can take away and do something with in their day jobs, whether it’s a new research technique, a better way to communicate, or ideas for selling what they do.

All presentations must be specific to the issues of managing design. They may relate to design inside an organisation (with various kinds of structures); agencies and clients working together; and building design teams, disciplines and capability. We won’t be including presentations that feel like they are more general UX (hold onto these for UX Australia 2017).

Submitting a presentation idea

We’ll be collecting presentation ideas until 17 February 2017, and will select successful talks in the following week.

To submit an talk proposal, just email us your idea (you don’t have to wait until the deadline).

Make sure you include:

  • A draft presentation title
  • A thorough explanation of what you’re thinking of covering (we need to be able to read it and understand your idea, insight or answer). We’re happy for this to be long-ish and informally written if it needs to be.
  • If you’ve presented it before, information on where, when and how you intend to make it different.
  • A draft presentation description (the one we’d put on the website to describe the talk). 300 words max.
  • Where your idea came from and why you are qualified to talk about it (i.e. is it something you’ve been thinking about, a client case study or an accumulation of experience from a number of projects).

If you’d like to talk to us about your idea and see if it will be suitable, just get in touch. We’re happy to talk it through with you.

Presentations will be 20 – 45 minutes. Let us know what you think the best length is for your idea. 

10-minute talks

There will be 10-minute talks immediately after lunch. These will be open to anyone registered for the conference by end of early-bird registration. 

Speaker benefits

Successful speakers (main conference, not 10-minute talks) will receive:

  • Free conference entry
  • For 45-minute presentations: $A800
  • For 20-minute presentations: $A400

** The fine print:

If you work for an organisation (e.g. Government) and can’t accept payment, we will reimburse travel and accommodation expenses up to the presentation amount; hold the amount over towards a future conference ticket or put it towards tickets for colleagues.

We can’t pay individuals directly (unless we take out almost half as PAYG). If you can’t invoice us, we can reimburse travel and accommodation expenses up to the presentation amount; or we can hold the amount over towards a future conference ticket.

Only one free conference entry and payment will be issued per presentation. If you would like more than one speaker to present, we will pay one of you and you can sort out how it is distributed. Additional presenters will receive discounted entry (early-bird rates).