Iain Barker

Iain Barker is a customer-centred designer and consultant with over 20 years experience making structured use of insights to inform business problems, drive business value and deliver great customer experiences across a range of channels.

Having worked under the titles of information architect, usability consultant, user experience architect and service designer – Iain brings a wealth of experience and perspective to all he applies himself to.

With a background in digital channels, he has spent the last seven years conceptualising and delivering joined-up cross-channel service experiences for a range of industries including finance, telecommunications, education and media.

He is passionate about helping organisations explore concepts, facilitating stakeholder engagement and turning intangible ideas into tangible prototypes.

During the last five years he has spoken at conferences about design topics both in Australia and overseas. A couple of years ago he was published in Touchpoint, the journal of the international Service Design Network.

Iain is one of the principals and co-founders of Meld Studios, an interaction and service design consultancy based in Sydney.

Presenting at Design Research 2018:
Getting the most value from design research