Designing for Mobility 2013 was a single day, single track conference, about designing for all things mobile.

The program

The conference program covered a range of topics about designing for use of things while we’re mobile. We looked at how (or whether) our techniques and methods change when we are designing for mobile use. We’ll hear some interesting case studies from local practitioners. We’ll examine how our behaviour is changing as we’re able to do more away from computers.

We probably won’t talk much about mobile development, so don’t expect detailed answers on how to implement a feature across platforms. But do expect to learn about some of the key things you’ll need to know to discuss your designs with developers.

It’s Australian

The conference is focused on the Australian design community, with presentations by local speakers and opportunities to share experiences with your peers.

Who is it for

This conference is for anyone who is, or will be, designing websites, applications, devices or services that are likely to be used anywhere other than in front of a computer. You might be called one of the following, or manage them:

  • Mobile designer
  • User experience designer
  • Mobile developer
  • Experience designer
  • Product designer
  • Exhibition or event designer

Or you may be a:

  • Product manager
  • Design manager
  • Project manager