Shae Quabba

I’m a Design Anthropologist and Innovation designer so my take on design research for digital experiences is different to a traditional UX. I often see a lack deep qualitative insights and an over-reliance on prototype testing in digital design research. Over the last few years I’ve experimented with tangible tools in this space and it’s now a core part of my practice. The results have changed the way I view designing for screens and the way I approach design research. I’m keen to share what I know with other designers who are looking for different ways to approach digital design research.

My practice is grounded in the Scandinavian tradition of Participatory Innovation [Buur & Matthews, 2008] and Brandt’s [2007] theory that tangible ‘think out loud’ tools give people things to think with. I completed my Masters in Design exchange in Denmark with Professor Jacob Buur to learn these techniques first hand.