Nova Franklin

Nova is a Psychologist who has worked to with some of Australia's most complex public and private organisations. Nova has worked on a variety of roles - Systemic / Service Design, Engagement and Culture Change, Change Management, Communications, and HR - since the early nineties, to improve the lives of people as they interact with the organisations around them. During her time at Meld, Nova has designed interventions to: improve government-citizen engagement; help people reach their goals in complex situations (such as youth unemployment, justice and finance); help change makers within organisations to shape and lead successful transformation efforts; and, build internal Design capability within organisations via training, mentoring and coaching. Five years ago Nova wrote a workshop called "Mastering Engaging Conversations" which included some of the concepts covered in the "Critical Communication Skills for Designers" workshop. That workshop is still being taught today. Nova is a regular Ux Australia speaker and workshop facilitator.