Kate Towsey

Founder of the ResearchOps Community and instigator of the #WhatisResearchOps global research initiative, Kate Towsey has been a consultant specialising in research operations for more than half a decade. Kate’s known as the researcher of user researchers. She now works for Atlassian as Research Operations Lead where she's exploring what it means to build and lead a Research Operations team. 
Kate's designed and delivered user research labs, panels, recruitment services, secure media archives and research communications for government, supermarkets and software companies. She's particularly passionate about delivering platforms that are privacy/security compliant and yet not restrictive to the needs of researchers; she's equally passionate about internal entrepreneurship and operational efficiency. Kate spends a good part of her spare time sharing with and learning from people around the world who are building a Research Operation team in their organisation. This gives her a unique and global perspective on the state of the emerging practice of Research Ops today.