Design Research 2017 is on 9 March, starting at 9am. The schedule of presentations is as follows:



8:30 Registration opens
9:00 Conference open
9:00 Penny Hagen: Design research as a social change process
9:45 Elyssia Clark: Customers and colleagues connecting for change
10:05 Ruth Ellison: Journeying through the unknown: Taking non-researchers on the research journey
10:30 Morning tea
11:00 Hendrik Müller: From immersion to a shared vision
11:20 Melissa Voderberg: Inside my pocket: Digital ethnography in patient-centred care
11:40 Ash Donaldson: Notes are not enough: Why relying on your notes will lead you down the garden path
12:25 Lunch
1:30 10 minute talks
2:30 Dalia El-Shimy: Turning anecdotes into insights: Mixed methods research in support of design
2:50 Paul Merrell: The art of interview
3:10 Afternoon tea
3:40 Rose Matthews: Platform localisation: Adapting for cultural needs beyond translation
4:00 Jax Wechsler: Supporting change with design artefacts
4:20 Dean Johnson and Mary Landrak: Kenyans may tell you they’re drinking water, but in reality they’re all drinking wine
4:40 Mariesa Nicholas and Natalie Rowland: Seven lessons from seven years of design research with young people