Call for proposals

Design Leadership 2019: Now taking proposals

We are now accepting ideas for presentations and workshops for Design Leadership 2019, to be held in Melbourne from 15-16 May. We will continue to accept proposals right up until midnight Monday 28 January 2019 AEDT.


We’re looking for practical presentations on a wide range of topics and from different types of organisations. We’ll be looking for case studies, techniques, strategies, and more.

All presentations must be specific to Design Leadership. We won’t be including presentations that feel like they are more general UX (hold on to these for UX Australia 2019).

Presentation proposals should include the following information in no more than one page:

  • Draft title – what you would call this talk in the program
  • Explanation – an overview of what you are going to talk about and why. It doesn’t need to be a detailed description – a few bullet points might be enough – but it does need to explain your idea and what the audience might get from your talk.
  • Presented this before? – please explain when and where, and if you’re planning any changes to the content or format of your talk.
  • Draft presentation description – 2-3 sentences, tops. This is the description we’ll use on the website if your talk is selected.
  • Where did the idea come from and why are you qualified to talk about it?

For tips on how to submit a proposal, see How to write a kick-ass conference proposal.

Submitting an Idea

It’s simple. Email your idea to

Further information will be available on the event website later this week, linked from our home page at


Conference registrations will open in February 2019.