Customer Experience 2015 was a single day, single track conference, all about designing customer services. On the day before the conference was a single-day workshop on the technique of journey mapping.

It’s Australian

The conference focuses on customer experience design in Australia, with presentations by local speakers and opportunities to share experiences with your peers.

What is customer experience design?

Your customers interact with your organisation in many ways. Through:

  • your advertising
  • each product or service offered
  • your digital, mobile and tablet offerings
  • your technology and systems
  • your people

Each of those interactions forms part of a complex tapestry of experiences, which build over time to share how that customer views you as an entity.

This conference explores the challenges associated with designing these customer experiences as an holistic piece; how the principles which shape the whole are applied to the design of a specific interaction; and how organisations are building on the strengths of different channels to break new ground in customer experience.

This conference does not focus on the design of a particular experience – a website, a mobile app, a retail presence; nor does it delve deep into the organisational challenges associated with the design of a great product or service.

Who is it for?

If you are in a role where your recommendations or decisions will affect the experience that a customer will have with the product or service, this conference is for you. You might be called one of the following, or manage them:

  • Customer experience designer
  • Customer experience manager
  • Brand manager
  • User experience designer
  • Experience architect
  • Exhibition or event designer

Or you may be a:

  • Product designer
  • Design manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Change manager
  • Project manager (for customer experience projects)
  • Product manager

Who’s responsible

Customer experience 2015 is proudly run by the team at UX Events: Donna Spencer, Steve Baty & Danielle Moulton.