Agile UX 2015 is is a conference all about designing great user experiences within the structure of an Agile development process.

It’s been three years since we ran the first Agile UX conference – in that time the user experience community has come a long way and gained a lot of experience creating great user experiences within Agile development. But there are also a lot of companies who are still new to Agile, and user experience professionals new to working with them.

The program

The conference program will cover a wide range of topics needed to successfully deliver a great user experience within an Agile process. It will include practical methods and techniques, communication strategies, scaling up in large organisations and much more.

It’s a community conference

The conference will be focused on the Australian UX community, and will include presentations by local speakers and opportunities to share experiences with each other.

What is Agile UX?

Although the terminology of ‘Agile UX’ sounds like how to do user experience design faster, that’s not what this conference is about.

This conference will focus on how to deliver great user experiences within the structure of an agile development process.

Who is it for

If you are in a role where you’re working within an Agile team, and somehow responsible for design decisions that affect the user experience, this conference is for you. You might be called one of the following, or manage them:

  • User experience designer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager

This conference is for developers too! It won’t cover detailed aspects of Agile development, but it will cover many user experience issues that developers have to deal with (even more so for designer/developers). And we’ll definitely have developers on the speaker line-up.

Who’s responsible

Agile UX 2015 is proudly run by the team at UX Events: Donna Spencer, Steve Baty & Danielle Moulton.