UX Australia 2010

The ‘Value’ of asking why

Daniel Szuc

For a number of years key global themes have emerged in UX:

  • UX Professionals are not feeling valued enough to be included in the upfront strategic product planning to help drive product success. A feeling sometimes described as ‘not invited’
  • The term UX is not always well understood organizationally or in the market place.
  • It’s hard to sell the ‘value of what we do’ with some people feeling forced to use reactionary methods to sell UX.
  • Limited time and opportunities, or a perceived lack of time to plan for UX ‘up front in product development’ can result in products that have no value when they reach the market place.

Why are product teams still jumping too quickly into development without allocating the necessary resources to question value?

This presentation will:

  • Guide people towards assessing, understanding and discovering value in order to make valuable stuff in the world.
  • Zero in sharply on the on the ‘analysis’ or ‘up front piece’ of product development i.e. at the strategy stage, when products are being planned.
  • Look at how to implement ‘value questions’ as part of product planning, so it will provide practical tips along the way.


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Sketchnoting at UX Australia: Daniel Szuc