UX Australia 2010

The secret life of deliverables

Anthony Quinn

As a design manager working in a large corporate organization, I’m often asked the question, by some of the UX design providers that we engage:

Whatever happened to that deliverable? It’s been a while and I haven’t heard anything and I was wondering if you were able to use it or if there’s anything I could do better next time?

The answers are many and varied but ultimately depend on whether the output was adopted or shelved. This presentation lifts the lid of the corporate design ‘black box’ in a bid to foster greater understanding and the mutual success of both users and providers of design services. Topics include:

  • What happens to a variety of design deliverables – where they ‘go’ inside the organization, who uses them, why and how.
  • How the life of some deliverables extends beyond the initial intent, while others languish in the ‘to be filed’ pile.
  • An opportunity for the audience to voice their questions surrounding the life of deliverables within a client organization.
  • An interactive discussion on what users and providers of UX design deliverables can do to increase the value deliverables.

This presentation will draw on personal experience and insights from a breadth of projects and contexts. Real-life stories will feature (albeit with false names, to protect the less-than-innocent).


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The secret life of deliverables