UX Australia 2010

UX Australia presenters

Alex Young

Co-founder of MOB, an R&D software company in Sydney, Australia. Currently focused on researching and developing experiences for the pervasive generation. MOB have developed Australia’s first PCIDSS compliant mobile payment system, smartMOB apps – a tool that enables cross-platform and multi-device development and buildAR, a web-based service to create social and locative experiences for multiple […]

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Andrew Dekker

Andrew (@simultech) is a researcher, designer and developer within the field of interaction design. Andrew is the cofounder of Ably Digital Design: a web design firm in Ipswich, and is also currently conducting a PhD at the University of Queensland into how Social Software can be better designed to support digital communication within design based […]

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Anthony Colfelt

Anthony is the Creative Director at Different (Sydney) who deliver user-centric product and service design consulting. Different spends a significant proportion of its engagements developing experience strategies as defined by Anthony in Different’s approach. Before joining Different in 2007, Anthony led UX teams holding positions of Creative Director, User Experience Manager, Interaction Design Team Lead […]

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Anthony Quinn

As Customer Experience Principal at Westpac, Anthony’s responsibilities include: Driving customer experience and business outcomes on large, complex programs of work such as the recent Westpac Website redesign, Transformation of Cards originations. Developing organizational capability in leveraging CX Design methodologies. Fostering a culture of customer-centricity. Managing relationships with specialist ux consultants, agencies and contract providers […]

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Anton Sher

Anton is a Director of Front Foot Media Solutions. He has been in the mobile industry since 2001 and has created, managed and marketed some of the most successful mobile content in Australia.

Whilst at Front Foot, Anton has delivered quality digital solutions for companies such as Telstra, VHA, EA, and Tabcorp.

In previous roles, Anton has managed the launch of the world’s first live mobile Cricket TV channel, Australia’s first 3G Sport and live scores site, plus many other mobile products and services.

Front Foot are winners of both the 2010 and 2009 AIMIA Awards for Best Mobile Product.

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Dana Chisnell

Dana has helped hundreds of people learn how to make better design decisions by giving them the skills they need to gain knowledge about users. Dana is an independent researcher and consultant who founded UsabilityWorks. She has been helping teams develop effective designs and stay focused on their customers’ experiences through creative user research and […]

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Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is Principal Usability Consultant at Apogee, a usability consulting Services Company based in Hong Kong. Dan previously worked on a usability team for Telstra Australia and has lectured about UX in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Japan. He co-wrote a “Usability Kit” with Gerry Gaffney.

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Darren Menachemson

Darren Menachemson (twitter: @designerly) has worked in the design field since the late nineties. During this time, he has architected websites, designed complex person-to-Government interactions and worked with senior executives and project teams to turn fuzzy concepts into integrated product and service blueprints. Darren runs a design capability for a major Government agency, and is […]

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David Gravina

David Gravina is the company principal and founder of Digital Eskimo, a design consultancy that applies the transformational power of design and technology to issues of social and environmental change. He is a founding member of greenUps, the Sydney green networking group, a director of the live local Foundation and was co-founder of the ‘Raise the Bar’ campaign which, as a former Melbourne boy, he’s pleased to say is slowly bringing Melbourne style small bars to Sydney.

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Ean van Vuuren

Ean is the Head of Consumer Online at Westpac, where he leads online sales and service for the Consumer segments. Before joining Westpac, Ean lead the Channel Solutions team at NAB, where he was responsible for channels including Retail Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and ATMs. Prior to NAB, Ean was a Senior Manager at Cap […]

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Erik Champion

Although he studied architecture and philosophy Erik spent most of his working life at Digital, Compaq, and Hansen Technologies, coordinated user experience courses at Swinburne and studied Interaction Design at Melbourne. Most of his research covers interaction design for virtual heritage (virtual reality applied to cultural heritage) but he also teaches game design. He is […]

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Iain Barker

Iain Barker is a user centred design specialist, user experience architect, interaction designer (and countless other things besides). He certainly isn’t calling himself a design thinker yet, but maybe one day…

He has over 15 years experience researching, conceptualising and designing things across various channels.

In January 2010 he formed Meld Studios with Steve Baty and Janna DeVylder.

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Ian Muir

Ian has spent the last 14 years in Customer Experience Design, interaction design and web design with Westpac. He was responsible for design implementation and operation of the original Westpac Internet Banking service and has won customer voted best web site, best Internet Banking services, innovation awards for Business Internet services, and market leading Corporate […]

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Jane Cockburn

Jane is Senior Product Manager in the Audiological products and Services group at Cochlear. Specific roles while at Cochlear have included the product management of their existing programming software – Custom Sound Suite – in addition to Product Management of Cochlear’s latest major CI platform the Cochlear Nucleus 5 system released in June 2009.

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Jared Spool

If you’ve ever seen Jared speak about usability, you know that he’s probably the most effective, knowledgeable communicator on the subject today. What you probably don’t know is that he has guided the research agenda and built User Interface Engineering into the largest research organisation of its kind in the world. He’s been working in […]

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Joe Sokohl

For more than 19 years, Joe Sokohl has concentrated on crafting excellent user experiences through IA, IxD, and user research. His background in literature and languages frames his attention to the needs, desires, and goals of people as people. Currently owner of Regular Joe Consulting, ,Joe’s UX work has taken him to Boston; Hamburg, Germany; Richmond, VA; Chicago; and Durham, NC.

He’s published in the SIGCHI newsletter, UXMatters.com, and STC’s Intercom. He is a member of IxDA’s board of directors and a cofounder of RichmondUX.com.

Oh, and he’s been a columnist, soldier, cook, DJ, road manager, and reporter.

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Lisa Herrod

Lisa is the Principal User Experience consultant at Scenario Seven, with over ten years of hands-on experience on the web. With a background in standards focused design and development, the past 7 years of her work has centred on design research, usability, accessibility and user experience strategy. Lisa believes in an inclusive, holistic approach to […]

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Matt Morphett

Matt Morphett (twitter: @mattmorphett) is a user experience consultant and interaction designer with strong management consulting experience. Matt has designed solutions for deployment within complex organisations and as part of sophisticated IT programs. Matt works in the analysis, design and evaluation of various forms of interaction between people and technology – including web-based systems, GUI […]

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Michelle Gilmore

Michelle has been exploring design in its many forms for over ten years.

In April 2010, Michelle co-founded Neoteny Service Design. Her belief that good design changes lives is at the heart of her commitment to Neoteny and the Service Design movement in Australia.

Michelle has led multi-disciplinary teams, in Australia and internationally, on a variety of projects for clients such as Telstra, UNSW, Olympic Park, Beyond Zero Emissions and Westpac.

This is Michelle’s second gig at UX Australia, she’s keen to learn and share, and looks forward to meeting you.

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MJ Broadbent

MJ (Mary Jane) Broadbent has been designing elegant solutions to complex information design problems for over 20 years. She currently holds the position of UI Design Director at Liquidnet, the global institutional equity marketplace. Building on a traditional graphic design education, MJ began UX work in 1996 with Silicon Alley pioneer Tom Nicholson. Throughout her […]

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Oliver Weidlich

Oliver has recently co-founded a new company, Mobile Experience, and is Director of Design & Innovation. He draws on a background in psychology, experience in usability, and understanding of mobile technology to identify key issues for client business strategy, and customers, and to recommend & design solutions. He has a wide range of experience evaluating […]

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Rachel Hinman

Rachel Hinman is a designer, researcher and a recognized thought leader in the mobile user experience field. Her passion for people, design, and the belief that technology should be used to improve the human condition has been the driving force of her career for the last decade Currently, Rachel is a senior user experience researcher […]

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Richard Beaumont

Richard Beaumont worked from Head of Design to Global Format Director for Tesco internationally for 11 years creating and setting up new formats, department designs and teams within mature businesses requiring re-invention to new start ups. He has experience operating within UK, Ireland, Czech & Slovak Republics, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia as […]

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Rod Farmer

Dr. Rod Farmer is Co-Founder and Director (Research & Strategy) of Mobile Experience, a User Experience consultancy specialising in mobile research, strategy, and design. Rod is passionate about mobility and socio-technical design, has won several product design awards, and over the past 10 years has consulted to many of Australia’s best known organisations. Rod has […]

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Scott Bryant

Scott Bryant is a Senior Experience Architect working on online news media and classifieds within the User Standards and Innovative Technology Team for News Digital Media. His career began as a visual artist before working in university and local government libraries, and finally into new media. He completed two Masters Degrees, in Media Art and […]

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Shane Morris

Shane Morris is one of Australiaís most respected user experience professionals. Through consulting, mentoring and training he has helped organisations create compelling digital experiences since 1991. He has worked on desktop applications, internet applications, mobile user interfaces, physical devices and web sites. Shane has taught user experience topics around the world and is a key […]

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Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox is a design researcher and user experience professional working for Westpac. In his previous professional life he has been an Anthropologist/Archaeologist, Technical Writer, Web coder, Java programmer, Usability consultant and some say winner of master chef Australia 2010.

His current role sees him involved in a range of great customer experience activities not least of which is trawling through and getting insights from the vast amounts of customer data that Westpac has collected over the past 15 years of customer centred design.

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Toby Cumming

Toby is a project manager at Cochlear in Sydney, working on the next generation of audiological software. With a background in web application builds for digital agencies, he’s now applying his enthusiasm for both agile development and user centred design to medical desktop applications.

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Todd Zaki Warfel

Todd Zaki Warfel, founder and principal designer at messagefirst, has been designing products and services for over 15 years. Todd’s clients have included AT&T Wireless, Bankrate, Citi, and Comcast, Numara and NYU just to name a few. An internationally recognized thought leader on research and design, and author of the prototyping course for the Web […]

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Wendy Barnao

The new millennium brought with it new technological challenges and 2000 saw Wendy spearheading the product direction for Asgard’s core ecommerce hub, AdviserNET. Built in-house by a team of IT professionals and launched in 1995, AdviserNET was the first of its kind in the financial planning industry. Designed to save time and slash administration costs, […]

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