UX Australia 2010

Real world challenges and how we tackled them, shown from two perspectives: us and our client

Michelle Gilmore, Wendy Barnao

Having listened to many great case studies at conferences like this one, Michelle wanted to get down and dirty with her audience at UX Australia this year, to reveal the challenges faced in a recent project. She wants to evolve from last year’s presentation to shift the focus away from the design team’s talent, capabilities and successful methods. Instead, this enlightening look at the constraints and the pain points is delivered from both the designer’s and the client’s perspective. This case study gives some much needed insight into the real obstacles faced, and how they were interpreted and tackled by both designer and client.

Since October 2009, BT Financial Group and Asgard Wealth Solutions have been exploring ways to improve the customer experience of a financial services web application, called AdviserNET. This application enables financial advisers to transact online on behalf of their clients. Wendy Barnao (client side Project Owner) and Michelle Gilmore (User Experience Designer) along with 30 other internal stakeholders accumulated quite an impressive list of challenges throughout the six-month project.

This co-presentation generously highlights a number of hurdles and how they were dealt with from both the designer and client perspectives, exploring questions like:

  • What happens when project objectives are unclear and differ between stakeholder groups?
  • What happens when design methods and process are forced on one stakeholder group by another?
  • What happens when designers use words and methods that stakeholders don’t understand and vice versa?
  • What happens when the budget stream is uncertain?
  • What happens when customer needs and business requirements collide?

Whilst it’s important to tell the good stories, this presentation gives you the nitty gritty of the difficulties we all face, and some interesting tactics and approaches to overcome them.



Real world challenges and how we tackled them, shown from two perspectives: us and our client