UX Australia 2010

Rachel Hinman


Rachel Hinman is a designer, researcher and a recognized thought leader in the mobile user experience field. Her passion for people, design, and the belief that technology should be used to improve the human condition has been the driving force of her career for the last decade

Currently, Rachel is a senior user experience researcher at the Nokia Research Center in Santa Monica, California. There, she joins a talented team focused on the research and design of emergent and experimental user interface as well as mobile experiences for emerging markets. Prior to joining Nokia, Rachel was an experience design director at Adaptive Path, and a mobile researcher and strategist for Yahoo’s mobile group.

Rachel’s innate sensitivity to people and culture have proven powerful skills in the field, enabling her to successfully lead research studies on mobile phone usage in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Rachel received a Masters Degree in Design Planning from the Institute of Design in Chicago. She is the creative force behind the 90 Mobiles in 90 Days Project and her perspectives on mobile user experience has been featured in Interactions Magazine, BusinessWeek, Wired, Wireless Informatics Magazine. She writes and speaks frequently on the topic of mobile research and design.

Presenting at UX Australia 2010: