UX Australia 2010

Social program for UX Australia

Conferences aren’t just for sitting and learning. They’re for meeting people who do what you do, sharing stories and connecting with each other. Most of this happens when the speakers get off the stage and we leave the venue to go and hang out together.

Social activities start the night before the conference, and there’s something on every night. Some are organised by us, some by the Melbourne UX community.

So far, the following activities have been planned.

Tue 24 August

Melbourne UX movie night.

Wed 25 August

Join us at Transit Cocktail Lounge (it’s on the top floor of Transport Bar in Federation Square) for drinks and nibbles, from 6.30-8.30pm. Pop into the conference venue (Hotel Langham) first to pick up your conference badge so our scary bouncers won’t bounce you out the door (it’s an easy 3 minute walk between the two places).

We’re paying for this.

Thu 26 August

We’ll book tables at a range of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. We’ll aim to book a range of cuisines and prices. Sign-up sheets will be at the conference on Thursday (more about how this works).

If you have a favourite restaurant you’d like to share, get in touch with us.

Thursday night will be at your expense.

Fri 27 August

After wrapping up at the conference we’re off to relax at the Gin Palace, who tell us that their Martinis are the best in Melbourne. It’s at 10 Russell Place, and we’ll head there around 6.30.

We’ll probably pop some money on the bar, but it won’t be an officially-catered do, so expect to buy some drinks yourself.


If you’d like to arrange something – early morning jogging, a visit to a museum or gallery or something else on one of the evenings, please feel free to do so. You can talk about your idea and find out if there is interest via Crowdvine. Just let us know and we’ll promote it for you.