UX Australia 2010

UX Australia 2010 hands-on workshops

Hands-on workshops are held on 25 August 2010.

Hands-on workshops are priced separately to the main conference, to let you choose the best combination for you. Full day workshops are $550, half day workshops are $300 each.

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Designing for content-rich sites

Jared Spool

(Half-day workshop, morning)

Research has shown us how some sites, no matter what users are looking for, make it easy to always find the relevant information. Other sites, no matter how hard the users try, are too difficult and frustrating. In this workshop, Jared Spool will share the secret of designing sites rich in content, such that users are delighted and ready to return time after time.

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Inclusive Design: Accessible user experiences on the web

Lisa Herrod

(Half-day workshop, afternoon)

In this workshop you will learn a new, contemporary approach to accessibility that centres on Inclusive Design practices. By first adopting fundamental user experience methodologies we will look at a variety of ways of addressing W3C accessibility guidelines in a user centred manner.

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Making sense of the data: Collaborative analysis techniques for user research

Dana Chisnell

(Half-day workshop, afternoon)

Observing users working with your design is enlightening! You and your team had some “ah-ha” moments when users did something you hadn’t expected. Now, you have a growing list of things you could change. How do you know where to start?

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Mobile UX essentials

Rachel Hinman

(Half-day workshop, morning)

Recent innovations, such as the iPhone, Nokia N900 and Google’s Nexus One are causing an inflection point in the mobile UX landscape, enabling new and exciting opportunities for interaction design. The opportunity for user experience professionals to deliver on the promise of ubiquitous computing and interactions that dissolve into behavior is ours for the taking.

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Practical prototyping

Todd Zaki Warfel

(Half-day workshop, morning) In this half day, action packed, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of sketching and prototyping to flesh out design ideas, test assumptions and gather real-time feedback. Todd will show you how to use the design studio method for rapid iterative design to gain internal buy-in and test feasibility […]

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The usability kit workshop

Daniel Szuc, Gerry Gaffney

(Full-day workshop)

What does it take to design with your users in mind? How do you know if the product design will succeed? Join a practical workshop to show you Usability tools to use to ensure that User Centered Design thinking is being implemented and helping design successful products.

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Visual skills for the “I can’t draw” crowd

MJ Broadbent

(Half-day workshop, afternoon)

From brainstorming and whiteboard sketching to rapid prototyping and concept presentations, today’s experience designer needs nimble visualization skills to communicate quickly and clearly — without a lot of text or verbal explanation. This workshop offers a practical crash course in effective visual communication for UX professionals with little to no experience with drawing by hand.

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What you get

All hands-on workshops will include handouts containing workshop material.

All workshop attendees will receive morning tea and coffee, morning and/or afternoon tea. Lunch will be provided for the full-day workshop and to attendees who are taking 2 half-day workshops. Lunch will not be provided if you are doing only one half-day workshop.