UX Australia 2010

UX Australia 2010 program – Guiding principles

The key principles for UX Australia presentations are that they are grounded in experience, focus on practice and engage the audience. For example, your presentation may be a case study for a particular project, a discussion of design principles or a description of techniques you’ve used in different situations.

Your presentation shouldn’t be an idea about how something should happen, or about something for which you have little experience. Presentations should not be overly academic (research findings are acceptable as long as they are, again, grounded in practice).

Most importantly, presentations should describe interesting problems and how you solved them.

There will be no sales pitches for products; or presentations that primarily describe a service offering of a company. Sponsors do not get an automatic right to present.

Presentation topics

Presentations should be about some aspect of user experience design – that is, about creating a deliberate experience for people to interact with an object, system or space.

Presentations may be about web projects or user experience projects in the physical world. We will select a balance of projects across media.

We’ll be selecting presentations that cover a wide range of topics. Some of the things we know are popular are:

  • Practical techniques of all types, described in enough depth that people can go away and use them on a project
  • Honest discussions about real project challenges
  • How you communicated design ideas to other people
  • Inspiring presentations that describe how you overcame a difficult challenge
  • Designing for new mediums such as mobile and gestural interfaces; or different mediums such as physical space

Presentation format

The format for main conference presentations can be:

  • one or more people talking about a project
  • a panel discussion about a topic
  • a demonstration of a technique

Pre-conference workshops should be practical and in-depth exploration of a topic.

If you have an idea for a format that is different to these, please chat to us about it and we’ll see how it fits.