UX Australia 2010

UX Australia 2010 program – Call for proposals

The call for proposals closed on 21 March 2010.

Main conference

The main conference part of UX Australia will be held on 26 & 27 August 2010. The conference will have two rooms (so two presentations at a time) – around 24 presentation slots will be available. We expect lots more proposals than there are slots, so please put some effort into your proposal!

Presentation length

Presentation slots will be 45 minutes – 30-35 minutes of presentation and 10-15 minutes for questions.

Audience participation is an important part of a presentation, and we take it seriously. When you are planning your presentation proposal, please consider what you can cover in 35 minutes or how you might otherwise engage the audience throughout your presentation. We will be managing presentation time and will stop presentations that have gone for for 35 minutes with no audience involvement.

Submitting a proposal

Please first read the general information and guiding principles.

All proposals must be submitted via the UX Australia conference management system (if you have problems submitting your proposal here please contact us).

You may submit more than one proposal.

The deadline is midnight AEST 21 March 2010. You must include (using the submission form):

  • Your personal details – name, organisation (if relevant) and a short bio
  • Names of any additional speakers
  • A description of your presentation, sufficiently detailed for reviewers to determine whether it should be included in the conference

You may also include (as a file attachment):

  • A more detailed description of your presentation
  • Sample materials or sample slides
  • Additional materials to help reviewers judge your presentation

Type of information to include

Your proposal needs to include enough information that a reviewer (and then the organisers) can get a good idea of what you would like to talk about. A good description may not be long but will clearly describe why the topic is of interest to conference attendees and exactly what aspects you will cover. Somewhere in the description should also be some indication of where you have drawn your information from – we are more interested in knowing that you have experience in than in your theories and opinions. Your presentation doesn’t have to be a case study, but we want to see that you know what you are talking about.

You can upload extras such as a sample presentation, but it is not essential.

Proposal reviewing

Proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria (so please make sure your description allows reviewers to assess these):

  • Appropriate: interesting, relevant to the conference audience and grounded in experience
  • Original: the idea hasn’t been extensively covered in other forums
  • Quality of submission: you’ve put effort into your proposal, considered the conference and considered the likely audience

Speaker benefits

Successful speakers will receive:

  • Free conference entry (main conference only, not pre-conference workshops)
  • $A600 – you can spend this on travel, accommodation or whatever you like**

** The fine print:

  • If you work for an organisation (e.g. Government) and can’t accept payment, we will cover travel and accommodation up to $A600.
  • Only one free conference entry and payment will be issued per presentation. If you would like more than one speaker to present, we will pay one of you and you can sort out how it is distributed. Additional presenters will receive discounted entry (early-bird rates).

Pre-conference workshops

Pre-conference workshops for UX Australia will be held on 25 August 2010. Three rooms are available – we may use these for 3 full-day workshops, or up to 6 half-day workshops, depending on submissions.

You may submit more than one proposal.

Workshop style

Pre-conference workshops are for learning practical skills or exploring a topic in detail. Audience participation is a vital part of pre-conference workshops – this is not an opportunity to present a long lecture. All pre-conference workshop proposals must clearly outline how the audience will be involved and engaged to maximise learning.

Submitting a proposal

All proposals must be submitted via the UX Australia conference management system (if you have problems submitting your proposal please contact us). The deadline is midnight AEST 21 March 2010.

You must include (using the submission form):

  • Your personal details – name, organisation (if relevant) and a short bio
  • Names of any additional presenters
  • A description of your pre-conference workshop

You must also include (as a file attachment) information on:

  • Length (full or half day)
  • Participant learning objectives
  • Why this should be a pre-conference workshop
  • Why this workshop is relevant for UX Australia
  • Detailed schedule for the workshop
  • Description of activities, or otherwise how people will engage
  • What take-away material you will provide to attendees
  • Target audience
  • Special requirements (e.g equipment and room set-up)
  • Your experience teaching this workshop

Proposals that do not address all of these items may not be considered.

We have booked rooms that will take up to 30 participants, and won’t accept proposals with lower maximum attendance.

Pre-conference workshop reviewing

Pre-conference workshops will be reviewed based on your answers to the information listed above, with particular focus on how participants will be engaged and learn from the workshop.

Pre-conference workshop presenter benefits

Successful pre-conference workshop presenters are paid for teaching. Our standard approach is to split the profit (50/50) after your expenses (travel & accommodation) and ours (room hire, AV hire, attendee catering). This approach is negotiable – you may suggest an alternative arrangement such as a flat fee.

If a pre-conference workshop does not achieve minimum registrations required to cover costs, it will be cancelled and attendees offered a refund or a place in another workshop.

Call for reviewers

UX Australia 2010 is a community-reviewed conference, and we need people to help with reviewing.

Reviewers should have experience in some aspect of user experience design and an interest in helping us create a great program for the conference. We’ll ask you to read up to 6 presentation proposals, rate criteria and provide constructive comment. We expect the time required will be up to 3 hours, and will be done between 21 March & 2 April.

If you are interested and available, please register via the UX Australia conference management system (select the box that asks about reviewing). We’ll contact you in mid March to get ready.