UX Australia 2010

UX Australia 2010 program

The program for UX Australia was made up of two parts – a day of hands-on workshops and 2 days of main conference presentations.

Hands-on workshops and the main conference were all at Hotel Langham, Melbourne.

25 August: Hands-on workshops

Hands-on workshops were held on Wednesday 25 August 2010.

Half day workshops, morning:

Half-day workshops, afternoon:

Full day workshop:

Hands-on workshops were priced separately (additional to) to the main conference so you can choose the best combination for you. The full day workshop was $550; half day workshops were $300 each.

Full day workshops ran 9am-5pm (with morning, lunch & afternoon breaks). Half-day workshops ran 9am-12.30 and 1.30-5pm. Lunch was provided to people attending the full day workshop or two half-day workshops.

26-27 August: Conference presentations

The main conference was on 26 & 27 August and included 23 presentations on a wide range of user experience topics. Slides are available for some of the presentations, and audio is being added for each as we process it (you can also get the audio by subscribing to the podcast or subscribing via iTunes.

Conference pricing was $700 until 30 June 2010 and $800 after 30 June 2010.


We arranged (or worked with the Melbourne UX community to arrange) a range of social activities around the conference.