UX Australia 2010

Mobile UX essentials

Rachel Hinman

(Half-day workshop, morning)

Until recently, mobile user experiences were crippled due to carrier, product, interface and technical constraints. Recent innovations, such as the iPhone, Nokia N900 and Google’s Nexus One are causing an inflection point in the mobile UX landscape, enabling new and exciting opportunities for interaction design. The opportunity for user experience professionals to deliver on the promise of ubiquitous computing and interactions that dissolve into behavior is ours for the taking.

But where do designers begin?

This workshop is designed to help designers and user experience professionals answer that very question. In this half day workshop, you will:

  • Learn research techniques, design exercises and prototyping methods that will allow you to begin designing and developing mobile experiences with confidence.
  • Identify the portable user experience and interaction design skills you’ve already got that make you especially well suited for creating great mobile experiences.
  • Learn frameworks, design principles and technical shortcuts for creating compelling mobile experiences.
  • Be inspired to hop on the mobile user experience wave

Workshop slides