UX Australia 2010

Inclusive Design: Accessible user experiences on the web

(Half-day workshop, afternoon)

In this workshop participants will learn a new, contemporary approach to user experience that centres on Inclusive Design practices. By adapting fundamental user experience methodologies we will look at a variety of ways of addressing W3C accessibility guidelines in a user centred manner.

The primary objective of the workshop is to show participants how easily they can incorporate accessible, inclusive design practices into their day-to-day work with little effort and little to no impact on current project budgets.

Other objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Open up accessible, Inclusive Design practices to the wider web community.
  • Learn an holistic approach that increases your skill base and in some cases even reduces your work load!
  • Demonstrate how UX professionals can incorporate a more inclusive, accessible approach in their design and research phases.

While we will at times refer to the W3C WCAG 2 guidelines, it is not an objective of this workshop to teach delegates the guidelines. No knowledge of accessibility guidelines is required.

Workshop Schedule

Part one: Understanding Inclusive Design

  • Creating personalised, role-specific Inclusive Design guidelines
  • Identifying areas of collaboration between roles
  • Understanding how to incorporate accessible design practices within a project

Activity 1: Identifying role specific guidelines for individuals.

Activity 2: Working collaboratively to achieve holistic, inclusive, user centered designs.

Activity 3: Creating design guidelines for teams, small or large.

Part Two: User research methods for Inclusive Design

  • Understanding the needs of a diverse audience and how they access our work.
  • Integrating accessible, inclusive design practices throughout traditional UX research and design practices.

Activity 4: Integrating Inclusive design practices into traditional UX methodologies.

Activity 5: Modifying traditional Heuristic and Comparative reviews to incorporate Inclusive Design practices.

Activity 6: Inclusive Design Walkthroughs.

Activity 7: Conducting inclusive user research for an accessible web. This activity covers screeners, recruitment, interviewing, language, evaluations and ethics.

Description of workshop activities

The workshop is a combination of short presentations (approximately 10 – 15 minutes) interlaced with individual activities, the outcomes of which are often used to inform subsequent group activities.

Individual activities require the participant to contemplate and evaluate their current work practices and beliefs.

Group activities ask participants to consider the outcomes of their individual activities and how they can better collaborate with workers in the same role or those they might work with.

Take-away materials for attendees

Attendees will take-away personalised, role specific UX guidelines that centre on accessible, Inclusive Design practices that they have developed throughout the course of the workshop.

Target audience

This is an interactive, hands-on workshop designed for people from each and every role on a web team, from visual designer to frontend dev or producer and especially user experience practitioners who are ready to take a truly inclusive approach to accessible user experience design.