UX Australia 2010

Designing for touch screen experiences

Oliver Weidlich

This talk covers the key aspects of designing for touch screens; what issues to be aware of, and how to create engaging experiences.

Touchscreens are becoming more common in consumer electronics as the technology improves. Touch screen in-car navigation systems are common, the iPhone introduced multi-touch to the masses, and haptic and gestural interfaces are expanding the range of rich interactions available via the user interface.

This talk covers:

  • Overview of haptic (particularly touch) and gestural interaction
  • How touchscreens change the way people interact with technology
  • Personal learnings from touchscreen projects (outlined below)
  • Best practice for educating people on how to use gestures
  • How to design for other types of environment and social interactions that influence touch interfaces and the customer experience

Oliver has significant experience in designing touchscreen interfaces. This includes;

  • User research and usability for the Qantas Quick Check Kiosks over many years and versions
  • Working with Australian touch screen manufacturing engineers to define touch interactions and gestures to showcase their technology on the world stage
  • Working on many iPhone applications including Westpac Mobile Banking and Cricket Live, leveraging touchscreen interactions
  • Doing customer research for Telstra T-Life interactive touchscreen kiosks
  • Advising clients on mobile phone strategy with touchscreen devices as a key interaction type
  • Designing one of Australia’s major iPad applications involving touch


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