UX Australia 2010

Design thinking: Is this our ticket to the big table?

Iain Barker

The way businesses perceive design is changing. Rather than merely style and form, businesses are awakening to design as something that can help solve organizational problems, drive meaningful innovations and inform business strategies.

Or at least that’s what we’re being told by the popular business press, academia and countless other sources, all of which have spent a lot of ink over the last few months/years embracing “design thinking”. Is this a watershed moment in the way businesses perceive design, or is it just a passing fad? Should we be associating ourselves with design thinking, or should we ignore the chatter and continue with business as usual?

Despite the scale of this opportunity, the user experience and broader design community remains relatively dormant on the subject. Are we missing a trick, or doing the sensible thing?

In this presentation Iain reflects upon design thinking, considers why the UX community has delayed engaging with the subject, discusses the risks associated with our continuing lack of engagement, and shares his experiences from working in environments that embrace design thinking.


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Design thinking: Is this our ticket to the big table?