UX Australia 2010

Defining experience strategy with UX designer as protagonist

Anthony Colfelt

How do you form a solid, visionary yet credible experience strategy? How does that interleave with a product strategy or a business strategy? What is an experience strategy anyway, and how does it benefit you and your organisation or clients?

Anthony Colfelt, Creative Director at Different, Australia’s largest experience design firm deconstructs the role of UX design in product and service development and focuses on a framework for building an experience strategy. Anthony draws on lessons from time spent in all sizes and shapes of organization, from startups, to consultancies and large corporations, to outline how successful strategy supports better design.

In this talk, attention is paid to the challenges faced by the experience professional in ’swimming upstream’ to where critical decisions are made that can make or break a user experience; how to overcome the traditional boundaries of the designer’s role by changing the focal length of our domain and becoming the protagonist in product and service planning.

Most importantly, Anthony outlines practical frameworks to guide the creation of a strategy that is effective at the various levels on which it must operate, both in the long and short terms. This will include discussion of establishing an empirically derived vision to guide and measure ideas and design – what Different calls an Experience Promise™, how it has been applied successfully and where it has fallen short. Finally, moving beyond this to how we can best (and best not) envision the strategy at a project level such that it can be digested by those whom it must guide, using true stories of triumph and disappointment to illustrate its potential.

To keep things interesting, the quintessential protagonist Arnold Schwarzenegger will make several appearances during this talk.


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Sketchnoting at UX Australia: Anthony Colfelt