UX Australia 2010

Creating innovative retail organisations

Richard Beaumont

Innovation is a great buzz word, we all believe a truly innovative culture to be a good thing, but in many ways they are rare, particularly in larger organisations.

The retail world is littered with many great ‘one off’ innovations that never rolled out, with failed projects wilting on the vine and committees that reject or water down step change thinking
This talk focuses on sharing experiences of building, developing and leading design projects, teams and multiple departments in 12 countries in Asia, Europe and Australia at different stages of development who were responsible for innovating in retail stores.

The projects worked on range in size from 35sq.m. to 160,000sq.m. and comprised retail formats for petrol, convenience, discount, supermarket, hypermarket, department stores, all departments within these stores plus different mall types, head offices and exhibitions.

The talk covers:

  • Innovation – It doesn’t just happen
  • Format Vision – What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Everything is a touch point – Differentiation is a numbers game
  • Creating innovative team cultures – Who’ll take you there
  • Innovation attitude – being tough on yourself
  • What is proposition – We are not just the decorators
  • Fiercely train – It’s not a cost, it’s an investment
  • It’s always their idea – Praise more than criticize
  • Visioning together – How to bring them on the journey
  • Innovation processes and tools – Why they are most important
  • Selling the idea – People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy
  • Proper competitor benchmarking – Use it don’t lose it
  • Research is only the beginning – Resourcing for action
  • Do they really understand what you mean? – No surprises means better results
  • Why is the boring bit important? – Documentation for rollout
  • Enjoy yourself – We are all going to die someday, take a risk

The talk will be fast paced, highly visual, light hearted, thought provoking and pull no punches into what went wrong and learnings gained.


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