UX Australia 2010

Alex Young


Co-founder of MOB, an R&D software company in Sydney, Australia. Currently focused on researching and developing experiences for the pervasive generation.

MOB have developed Australia’s first PCIDSS compliant mobile payment system, smartMOB apps – a tool that enables cross-platform and multi-device development and buildAR, a web-based service to create social and locative experiences for multiple augmented reality platforms. See more at: http://mob-labs.com.

Prior to MOB, Alex worked primarily in the Telco space and was heavily involved in the launch of Australia’s first interactive TV service. She also headed up the User Experience, Design and Development teams across a multi-platform environment.

In another life Alex was a ski instructor. Sometimes she wishes she was still living that dream (but not that often).

Presenting at UX Australia 2010: