UX Australia 2010

Activating customer centric culture

Ian Muir, Ean van Vuuren

Creating a sustainable active customer centred culture in a large organisation is challenging & difficult.

This presentation summarises the challenge, talks about the different perspectives of traditional project approaches versus customer centric mindset and outlines how customer centric practices can lead to business success using a short case study.

Recognizing levels of maturity in the journey of a shift to a customer centric culture can help to validate progress, and also give clues as to what challenges lie ahead.

This is important for those in a corporate or complex environment where there are cultural and political forces at play. Making progress under these circumstances needs a structured approach.

Rather than state a panacea answer to these challenges, this presentation offers to describe both challenges and successes within Westpac.

It offers value and interest to two primary audience sets. One is those that may also be battling the corporate culture and trying to adopt and embed customer centric practices. The other audience set is those that can help with this challenge from the outside in.

Whether small freelance operators or mainstream agency style providers of services, all will benefit from seeing a corporate perspective on customer centric cultural change to identify where to add value.

The detail of what is covered is summarized in the following slide summary.

  • Value leakage from the sales chain, exists despite good intentions
  • So there needs to be a shift to a customer focus
  • Yet emotions & feelings don’t fit on the spreadsheets of corporate project disciplines
  • So a customer centric approach is required
  • Yes, it works! As shown in this case study.
  • It’s about tapping into customers to improve business outcomes
  • And it must live throughout the organisation
  • There will be resistance
  • But of course the results speak for themselves


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