UX Australia 2009

UX Australia presenters

Alex Wright

Alex Wright is the Director of User Experience and Product Research at The New York Times and the author of “Glut: Mastering Information Through the Ages”.

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Aynne Valencia

Aynne Valencia is Digital Product Design Director at AKQA, San Francisco.

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Ben Kraal

Ben is a Research Fellow with the People and Systems Lab at QUT.

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Christopher Khalil

Chris is a Senior Experience Architect working at News Digital Media (NDM).

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Daniel Szuc

Daniel Szuc is the Principal Usability Consultant at Apogee based in Hong Kong.

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Darren Menachemson

Darren Menachemson is a design strategist, and leads a design capability in an Australian Government agency.

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David More

David is an information, experience and design consultant with a wide-ranging skill set, a strong commitment to real results for real people, and over 20 years experience in the field.

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Fred Randell

Fred is a director at Boomworks; specialists in web strategy, design and user experience.

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Gerry Gaffney

Gerry Gaffney is well known in the usability field, and has written and presented on a variety of usability and related topics. He is co-author, with Daniel Szuc, of The Usability Kit (Sitepoint, 2006). He is co-author, with Caroline Jarrett, of Forms That Work: Desiging Web Forms for Usability (Morgan Kaufmann, 2008).

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Guido Parlato

Guido Parlato is a user experience designer based in Milano, Italy.

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Guillermo Torres

Guillermo Torres is a Sr Experience Designer at Adobe.

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James Hunter

James Hunter is a user experience consultant with over 7 year experience in the web industry (design, development & implementation).

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Jessica Enders

Jessica Enders is Principal of Formulate Information Design, an organisation providing form analysis, design and management services to public, private and not-for-profit organisations worldwide.

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Joel Flom

Joel has 12 years experience in the web industry and specialises in e-commerce and critical business applications that are accessed via desktops, mobiles and kiosk interfaces.

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Jurgen Spangl

Jurgen is an user experience designer with over a decade’s experience in developing user experiences for the web, desktops, mobiles, and physical products.

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Lachlan Hardy

Lachlan works as a Design Engineer at Atlassian where he builds functional designs into all their products.

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Lisa Herrod

Lisa is the Principal User Experience consultant at Scenario Seven, with over ten years of hands-on experience on the web. With a background in standards focused design and development, the past 5 years of her work has centred on design research, usability, accessibility and user experience strategy.

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Matt Balara

Matt Balara is a freelance user experience designer, who, despite 15 years web experience, still can’t understand why so many websites are so useless and ugly.

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Matt Bayliss

Matt is a solution architect for iCognition, a company that provides advice, implementation services and solution designs to organisations seeking enterprise Information Management (IM) outcomes.

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Matt Morphett

Matt Morphett is a user experience consultant and interaction designer with strong management consulting experience.

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Michelle Gilmore

As an Experience Architect, Michelle focuses on Social and Sustainable Design projects.

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Nigel Carruthers-Taylor

Nigel is Principal Consultant and Director of iCognition, a company that provides advice, implementation services and solution designs to organisations seeking enterprise Information Management (IM) outcomes.

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Oliver Weidlich

@oliverw is a mobile user experience specialist who loves understanding how people use their gadgets and how to improve their design.

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Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy is a user experience specialist with a focus on user research, based in Sydney.

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Penny Hagen

Penny is a Design Strategist specialising in design research and participatory design methods.

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Shane Morris

As a User Experience Evangelist at Microsoft, Shane Morris inspires, trains and collaborates with organisations to create great experiences for their products and services.

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Stephen Hall

Stephen is the National Lead for the SMS Web and Information Management practice, which brings together the expertise of SMS consultants across the country in such areas as UX Design, Information Architecture, Social Media strategy, Content and Document Management, Information Classification and Knowledge Management.

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Steve Baty

Steve solves problems for businesses using a user experience design perspective.

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William Evans

Will Evans is Director, User Experience Practice Lead for Twin Technologies with 14 years industry experience in user experience design including directing UX for AIR Worldwide, UX Architect for social media site Gather.com, and UX Architect responsible for the interaction design of Kayak.com.

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