UX Australia 2009

UX Australia 2009 pre-conference workshops

Interaction design studio

Shane Morris

(Half-day, morning, 26 August 2009)

In established design disciplines, the ‘studio’ is where designers hone their skills, design rationale and intuition. Most people working in Interaction Design haven’t had that benefit. Hence this mini “Interaction Design Studio”. Develop your skills through fun, fast-paced design exercises, active dialogue idea sharing in a safe environment, away from the gaze of clients. WARNING: This workshop contains crayons.

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Research methods for user experience design

Patrick Kennedy

In this full-day workshop, Patrick Kennedy will present the fundamentals of ‘design research’ for understanding the needs of users, from the user experience designer’s perspective.

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Scribble your way to success!

Matt Balara

(Half-day, afternoon, 26 August 2009)

This half-day workshop will take away your fear of drawing, show that anyone can draw and demonstrate drawing based rapid idea generation & decision-making techniques. And you’ll practice drawing!

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The Usability Kit workshop

Daniel Szuc and Gerry Gaffney

This full-day workshop will give you with the UX tools you need to embed in your projects to ensure that Usability (and User Centered Design thinking) is being implemented at all stages.

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