UX Australia 2009

Jessica Enders

Formulate Information Design

Jessica Enders is Principal of Formulate Information Design, a business specialising in the design of paper-based and electronic forms, surveys and questionnaires as well as web forms and desktop applications.

Jessica’s employment history includes 5 years as a survey methodologist at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 5 years as a survey designer for private research agency Colmar Brunton Social Research and almost 2 years as an interaction designer at Australia’s premier user-centred design firm, The Hiser Group. She started Formulate in October 2007.

Jessica provides her clients with a holisitic service, advising on all elements of the form including graphic design, language, psychological & sociological influences, technical aspects and usability.

When it comes to presentations, Jessica aims to make these (often complex) ideas accessible, relevant and timely.

Presenting at UX Australia 2009: