UX Australia 2009

Interaction design studio

Shane Morris

Interaction Design Studio provides a dynamic, fun and most importantly safe environment for practicing user interface designers, interaction designers and information architects to explore and build their design intuition, hone their ability to generate design solutions and critique and defend their own work, and the work of others – away from the demands of clients, colleagues and production deadlines.

There are no formal lectures, no formal content…just the chance to develop new and existing skills through fun, fast-paced design exercises, active dialogue and the sharing of ideas in a safe environment.

Half your skills as an interaction designer come from books, the other half from practice. In established design disciplines, the ‘studio’ is where designers hone their skills, rationale and intuition. Most people working in Interaction Design haven’t had that benefit. Hence this mini “Interaction Design Studio”.

WARNING: This workshop contains crayons

Note: This is a half-day workshop and will be held in the morning on 26 August 2009