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  • 8 Jul 2014: UX Australia: Almost sold out

    As at 9:30 Tuesday 8 July, there are only 23 conference tickets left, after a huge run on them yesterday. When they sell out, we take names for a waiting list.


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    Upcoming conferences

    UX Australia 2014

    Photo of the crowd from UX Australia 2-13. Used with permission, source http://www.flickr.com/photos/cannedtuna/9692900852/

    26-29 August 2014, Sydney

    UX Australia 2014 will be a 4-day user experience design conference. It will be held in Sydney, 26-29 August 2014.

    The main conference is sold out, but a waiting list is available. Places are still available for all hands-on workshops. Register now for UX Australia 2014.

    Recent conferences

    Experience Strategy 2014

    May 2014, Melbourne

    Experience Strategy 2014 is a single day, single track conference, about the strategy involved in experience design. It was held in May 2014, in Melbourne, Australia.

    Designing for mobility 2014

    Photo by Gary Barber. Used with permission, source http://www.flickr.com/photos/cannedtuna/7034085653/in/photostream

    14 March 2014, Sydney

    Designing for mobility 2014 was a single day, single track conference about designing for all things mobile.

    Most of the presentations and audio recordings are available.

    UX New Zealand 2013

    Having another flat white. Photographed by Jeremy Keith. Source http://www.flickr.com/photos/adactio/6878686271/

    6-8 November 2013, Wellington

    UX New Zealand 2013 was a 3-day user experience design conference – the first dedicated UX conference in NZ, with a day of hands-on workshops; and two full days of presentations. Slides and audio are available for most presentations

    UX Australia 2013

    Photo of the crowd from UX Australia 2010. Used with permission, source http://www.flickr.com/photos/laruth/6112239028/

    27-30 August 2013, Melbourne

    UX Australia 2013 is a 4-day user experience design conference, with inspiring and practical presentations, covering a range of topics about how to design great experiences for people.

    Presentation slides and audio recordings are available.